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Good News for Anxious Christians

by Phillip Cary

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

I almost never gave this book a chance because it reminded me of silly and superficial “Christian” self-help books. What convinced me that I should give it a chance was the author—a professor by the name of Phillip Cary who teaches at Eastern Seminary. At the time, I had been listening to a series of lectures by Professor Cary on the History of Christian Theology. This is a man who knows something about the history of Christian thought.

So when I heard the premise of his book—that relatively recent language and thinking in Western Christianity is actually creating anxiety in the church—I took notice.

It’s worthwhile to read the (provocative?) chapter titles with Amazon’s preview feature. His book covers common assumptions in the church today about hearing God’s voice in your heart, letting God “take control of your life,” and needing to have frequent profound and life-changing experiences. In chapter after chapter, Cary dares us to trust Jesus’ words about a light burden.

This book may change faith. It may change your life.

Below is an interview with Phillip Cary about the book that will give you a little taste of what it includes.

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